R2 Rig Edition




R2 Rig Edition


–          More Titanium Coils

–          Adjustable Airflow

–          Pen Style

–          For Concentrates

–          Visual Reaction Chamber

–          Silicone Base Station Storage Tray

–          Built-in Wax Jar

–          Smart Battery

–          Ceramic Rod Atomizer

#ThisThingsRips recently released another vaporizer known as “R2 Rig Edition.” This device features a large silicone tray, a larger battery, and a built-in container. The R2 Rig Edition is one of the largest vaporizers in the market. It is almost 6 inches tall with a 22mm diameter. The device is equipped with an 1100 mAh battery which has three different temperature settings and a built-in silicone container located at the bottom of the battery. This unit has a plastic mouthpiece and a filter that helps in preventing concentrates from being inhaled. R2 Rig Edition uses frosted glass that is quite delicate to handle. The user needs to apply some extra care while handling it. In between the battery and the glass, the attachment is a removable variable airflow that has four air vents.


At first, glance when you take a look at the R2 Rig Edition, it might strike you as a big vaporizer. However, when you really think of it, this device is very compact and portable. You cannot categorize it among some of the vaporizers that are burdensome and large to carry around. As much as it is quite big, it has not sacrificed portability, which is one of the things that made vaporizers so popular.

R2 Rig Edition comes with six different pieces: the adjustable airflow piece, the battery, silicone wax container, atomizer, mouthpiece, and the visual reaction chamber. All these parts are fit together to operate with the exemption of the mouthpiece and visual chamber. The pieces are attached via threading.

The visual reaction chamber is a #ThisThingsRips trademark. The chamber allows you to see what is happening while your vaping material vaporizes into clouds.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality offered by this device is awesome. In response to a request from the users, the company has doubled up their ceramic rod atomizer with a dual rod chamber and Ti titanium coils. This combination produces larger clouds and intense flavor. The Ti titanium coils of this unit conduct concentrates very efficiently. You can expect big, delicious rips from this device.

Intelligent Battery

The R2 Rig Edition is designed in a way that it doesn’t forget the last temperature setting during your previous session. Choose your most preferred temperature setting using the one button control and the device will not forget your setting. You will be ready to vape using your most favorite temperature setting during your next vaping session without having to set the temperature again.

Buying the R2 Rig Edition

The R2 Rig Edition is a very well made vape pen. It also has much to offer comparing it to its price. It features some great specifications such as the dual rod chamber and the Ti titanium coils that contribute to a flavorful and dense vapor. So, if you’re looking for a device that you can use on the go and still deliver quality vapor, this is the device for you.


–          1 x R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer

–          1 x Silicone Ring

–          1 x Max Flow Mouthpiece

–          1 x Stainless Stool

–          2 x Dual Ceramic Ti Coil Atomizer

–          2 x Visual Reaction

–          2 x Alcohol Cleansing Wipes

–          1 x Hyper charged Set It and Forget it Smart Battery

–          1 x Silicone Tray w/Stash Compartment

–          1 x Hyper charging Cable

–          1 x Built-In Silicone Jar

–          1 x Printed User Manual

Technical Specifications

–          Color:                           Black

–          Voltage:                       110 v

–          Dimensions:               6 x 3 x 3 inch (Packaging)

–          Thread Size:               510

–          Warranty:                   90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

–          Compatibility:           Concentrates

–          Manufacturer:           This Things Rips

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