Lemon Berry Dank Vapes Lemon berry, is a Hybrid strain. Dabney Blue and Lemon Thai come together to produce lemon berry, by Fusion Seeds. Dabney Blue imparts its berry flavours and the sweet aroma of blueberry muffins. Meanwhile, Lemon Thai adds its own touch of citrus flavours and uplifting effects. lemon berry is a strain root in the Pacific Northwest. Also, the desire for its college of flavours and balance effects. The Sativa influence in this hybrid helps form a happy head buzz, that initiates bouts of creativity and the giggles.buy dank vapes from our dank vapes online store and dank vape cartridges. You can alternatively buy weed online, wholesale hemp flowers or cancer drugs online, juul pods, juul pods vapes, brass knuckles and kingpen vapes online.Smells amazing, like a lemonberry slush from sonic and the taste matches. Dense small nugs with lots of long red hairs for the buds, Vapes good and the high is euphoric and uplifting forsure good to Vape during the day,this is the best testing dank vape ever. you feel very uplifted. you may be very exhausted and yawning a few minutes ago, but after you vape a few many hits, you feel ready to do whatever needs to be done and still feel great..Lemon Berry it is and also produces a Lovely flavor and great smell. it May also be hard to come across but it’s golden! it has an energizing effect. It tastes and smells great and is helpful with a number of conditions.

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