Increase your profits with the pioneering legal cannabis cultivation platform JuicyFields

JuicyFields is proud to connect marijuana buyers, sellers, producers, activists, and enthusiasts from around the world on one of Crowdgrowing’s first legal platforms.

JuicyFields, a Berlin-based marijuana producer, announced the launch of its Crowdgrowing legal platform for cannabis cooperation. JuicyFields is a pioneer of its kind, with authorized partners in several countries, and offers users a fully automated global service. The platform is aimed at all sorts of enthusiasts, accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum, in addition to traditional fiat payments.

JuicyFields’ mission is to create an interconnected market of cannabis enthusiasts, supporters, businesses, and entrepreneurs. With its innovative no-touch system, marijuana can be grown remotely, regardless of whether it’s legal in the user’s home country or not.

JuicyFields is not only a pioneering cannabis crowdfunding platform but also an online global collective farm. JuicyFields helps other marijuana startups around the world raise the necessary funds for further development. In this way, all JuicyField participants make a profit after selling the crop. CEO and Founder Alan Glanse:

“Crowdfunding in Europe has already reached a significant level of growth, adoption, and maturity. We decided to take this further. Crowd growing is not just about raising money for project development, and it allows you to participate in the highly profitable but strictly regulated cannabis industry. We will be interested in investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for financing and who have great opportunities.

Alan continues:

Not only do we raise money for the development of marijuana startups around the world, but we also share the profits from each harvest from our partners with our members for five years. Our crowdfunding consultants have experience in successful crowdfunding work in America and Europe and have made the platform as international as possible. ”

Varied legislation on cannabis production around the world has persistently prevented millions of people from engaging in the commercial sector of the industry, but JuicyFields now has the answer. Whether you are a crypto enthusiast, a marijuana activist, or only an entrepreneur, JuicyFields offers everyone a chance to make money in the marijuana industry.

How does it work?

Anyone can start a lucrative contract for just € 50 and, after three months, they will receive their first share in the sale of marijuana, directly in their wallet. To get started, users can click on a custom link and choose an appropriate contract under “Producer Account.” Short-term (flash) or long-term contracts are available. The process of growing cannabis online has never been more straightforward.

Earn free grams with the JuicyFields rewards campaign

Stakeholders can check out the JuicyFields Rewards Campaign today and receive free grams as a reward for helping to raise awareness of this innovative project. JuicyFields will distribute free grams to successful candidates of Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Signature Bounty campaigns.

The reward will last two months, and the grams will be calculated at the end. Users will receive grams of JuicyMist plants (the fixed price of € 2 per gram), and JuicyFields will grow them. The first harvest will take place three months after JuicyFields begins cultivating them, during which time successful candidates will be able to sell them and withdraw their funds.

JuicyFields is the sole source of this information. Virtual currency is not legal tender, it is not government-backed, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protection. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an investment offer.

The use of medicinal cannabis is legal in Berlin, Germany. JuicyFields does not condone the use of cannabis for medicinal or recreational reasons in countries where its use for these reasons is illegal.

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