2Grams Cake disposables Box of 100


2grams cake disposables

box of 100 ,10 different flavors


It is introducing 2grams cake disposables box latest innovation: the 2-gram disposable frother. Unlike its famous 1-gram devices due to knockoffs, Cake Classics now boasts meticulous attention to detail, from packaging to battery styling. 

The new 2-gram disposables offer flawless extraction thanks to an innovative battery. Child-resistant packaging ensures safety; each box displays a unique stamped outline of cake delta 8 disposable flavor, making replication impossible. 

With 15 strains available, Cake Classics cake disposable vapes offer 2 grams of potent Delta-8 THC mixed with premium organic terpenes. Enhance your experience with Cake’s unmatched quality and unique packaging. 

#CakeDelta8 #VapingInnovationWith no VG, PG, PEG, MCT oil, vitamin E or other additives, this product offers pure Delta 8 + THCP deliciousness infused with Live Resin Cake terpenes. 

The disposable vaporizer is pre-filled with distillate and has a pre-charged internal battery to match the life of the vaporizer.

Why choose Cake Delta 8? 

The Cake Classics cake vape pen rechargeable box promises flawless extraction every time, thanks to its innovative rechargeable battery design.

This not only ensures smoother draws but also maximizes usage. The elegant packaging, equipped with a child-resistant tab, adds an extra layer of safety.

With unique stamped contours for each flavor, authenticity is guaranteed, preventing any replication. Each cake 2g disposablele Cake Delta 8 contains a high amount of pure Delta-8 THC and premium organic terpenes.

Enhance your experience with Cake Classics without compromising quality, safety or style. Enjoy the perfect hit with every puff.

Explore Cake’s various 2g disposable strains

Enjoy 14 unique strains, each with organic terpenes. Are you looking for relaxation? Opt for an Indica variety. Do you need a boost of energy? Sativa varieties are the way to go.

Experience the best of cake disposable vapes offer 2 grams both worlds with our hybrid varieties. With such a wide selection, there is a disposable cake pen  that perfectly suits your preferences. Immerse yourself in a world of flavors and effects adapted to your needs with Cake Classics Disposables.

Explore our diverse line of cannabis:

  • Banana Runtz (Indica)
  • Blueberry Cookies (Indica)
  • Blue Dream (Sativa)
  • Cereal milk (Sativa)
  • Gelato 41 (hybrid)
  • Honey glue (hybrid)
  • OG Kush (Indica)
  • Purple Punch (Hybrid)
  • Strawberry cough (Sativa)
  • Strawberry Sour Diesel (Sativa)
  • Texas sponge cake (Indica)
  • Thin Mint Shake (GSC) (Hybrid)
  • Wedding cake (Indian)
  • White Runtz (hybrid)

Enjoy a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid strains, each offering a unique and enjoyable experience.


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