The Interlinks between Sex and Cannabis


While experts have positively examined linking cannabis use to things like sexual dysfunction and high-risk behavior or looseness, there is a sign to confirm that cannabis can enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction and boost desire. This explains why many potheads look for autoflowering feminized seeds and grow them at home for their supply of alternative aphrodisiacs.

It is not challenging to discover historical and anecdotal evidence of cannabis being used not just to promote sex but also to make it more enjoyable. Consuming a modest amount of cannabis before sex may enhance libido in females, which can deliver positive endorphins and develop vaginal lubrication.

The Research and Study of Sex and Cannabis

Almost 50 years ago, researchers took an intense curiosity about sex and cannabis. An early study noticed that cannabis started to increase sexual motivation.

Another research endeavored to learn the noted effects of cannabis on sexual behavior and practices by surveying groups of cannabis users and nonusers.

Blk Kat Blue Dream was observed that over two-thirds of participants reported enhanced sexual pleasure and satisfaction when using cannabis. At the same time, about half stated that feeling enhanced sexual desire for a familiar sexual partner. 

About half told the researchers handling the study that they observed cannabis as an aphrodisiac. It felt like enhanced senses of touch and taste. At the same time, about 20 percent of the cases said they used cannabis before sex regularly. 

One research conveyed in 2015 marked whether or not cannabis use reduced men’s sperm count. By analyzing specimens from users and nonusers, the study discovered that men who smoked cannabis regularly had 29 percent lower sperm count than their counterparts who refused.

The study’s clinical implications showed that Cannabis use is autonomously associated with enhanced sexual rhythm and does not appear to weaken sexual function. Daily users across all demographic organizations reported having 20% more sex than those who have never used cannabis. 

The study aspect noticed that cannabis has a bidirectional influence on sexual functioning: at low doses, it may increase sexual arousal and enhance functioning, but at higher doses, not only will sex be less pleasant. 

The CBD and THC

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD can be applied as an enhancer, not just addressing the elements that are getting in the way of intimacy and pleasure but also enhancing pleasurable sensations and sensible perception.

The more CBD, the less euphoric; CBD would be significantly employed as a healing medium after sex or decrease anxiety before sexual intercourse. CBD may provide sufficient mental alteration to affect performance negatively or positively. CBD seems more like a pre or post-game cannabinoid. 

Pac man strain, THC is essential because of that mental shift the person experience. Whether that be relaxing the mental state to be ready for sex or performing the sex feel better physically, the cognitive change is more evident with THC.

Dank vapes cherry kush is constantly a balance competition to find the right blend of cannabinoids. It is vital to have just the right amount of THC and CBD. Some cannabis strains can give a good fusion of euphoria and relaxation, leading to limited anxiety for newer sexual partners, reducing inherent erectile difficulties resulting from stress.

Facts that Links Sex and Cannabis

It is believed that the Vikings who praised the Norse goddess Freya also gratified cannabis as an aphrodisiac. Freya considered the goddess of love connected with cannabis, so cannabis flowers were consumed at sowing and reaping seasons each year. 

Cannabis included erotic rites in her name. In the views of cannabis, one preparation was most charming in its effects, creating ecstatic happiness, a belief of high rank, a sensation of flying, insatiable appetite, and intense aphrodisiac desire.

Cannabis was practiced in Soviet Russia in the 1930s both as an aphrodisiac and for pain medicine. Weeds were mixed with lamb’s grease to create a mixture presented to brides on the night of their wedding day to decrease the pain of first sexual intercourse. 

While cannabis is illegal in Uganda, traditional or alternative healers have applied it to help men who have erectile dysfunction for many years. According to a study published in 2005, cannabis is one of the many plants used by healers to manage sexual impotence. It is typically smoked.


Given the nature of the research and studies on “sex and cannabis” and the consensus among cannabis users that a plant is undoubtedly an excellent tool for better sex, conversing with a sex educator rather than an academic appeared to be appropriate.

The benefits of blending sex and cannabis are limitless and can exhibit in many different ways. People who deal with chronic pain might strive for intimacy because their pain diverts them from being present with their partner. Cannabis can help calm the pain and help restrain them in the right state of mind. The same could work for persons who struggle with stress and anxiety. This is why more and more people tend to buy white widow feminized marijuana seeds to supply medical cannabis.

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Sex and Cannabis
The Interlinks between Sex and Cannabis
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