How to Find Your “Niche” Dispensary

Finding a dispensary close to you has never been easier thanks to Google and review sites like Leafly and Yelp. As more states legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana, there will be even more dispensary options to choose from.

With so many options, how can you find the best one for you? Which dispensary has the best deals and the best products? Here’s everything you should consider to find your “niche” dispensary! 

How to Find the Best Cannabis Dispensary Near You

There might be a lot of options depending on where you are searching from, but finding the best dispensary nearby can actually be pretty easy! Here’s the top three methods to finding the perfect dispensary to fit your needs:

  1. Turn to Google Maps. Though this is the first go-to for many dispensary seekers, we recommend using Google Maps to get a visual sense of the options that make the most geographic sense to you. One of the best features of Google Maps is that you can see public reviews, customer FAQ, pictures of the location, and the contact information for each dispensary listed. Through Google Maps, so you can be assured you are choosing the right one to best fit your needs.
  2. Ask trusted friends. Few things are as reliable as a first-hand recommendation. Die-hard cannabis smokers are like a green version of wine connoisseurs and beer aficionados. They’re a close-knit tribe looking for the next best place to purchase their cannabis, and they know their quality! Though you can trust Google to provide reliable reviews from real people, getting the inside scoop from someone who has been to the local establishments will open up a whole new world of information.
  3. Visit for yourself. At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than experiencing a location for yourself. It’s one thing to read about a dispensary online or hear about it from a friend, but seeing it first-hand could mean love at first sight!

If you’re wondering how to find “dispensaries near me,” we recommend beginning with these three steps. 

Now, it’s time to consider what to look for in a dispensary. This will differentiate your favorite go-to dispensary from the other options available, and help you to decipher which dispensary will best fit your cannabis needs.

What to Look for In the Results: “Dispensaries Near Me”

Deals and Sales

One of the elements to look for in a dispensary is whether or not they offer special deals. As competition grows in the industry, dispensaries are offering a variety of deals to attract new customers. Of course, you want your “niche” dispensary to have quality products, but that’s only half of the equation. It must also be reasonably priced.

Some dispensaries such as American Mary have specials every day of the week. Marijuana Monday’s (15% off four eights), Thirsty Thursdays (10% off cannabis drinks), and Frihighdays (10% off edibles) are recurring daily specials that regular customers can expect. Additional flash sales and special promotions are extra icing on the cake!

Variety of Cannabis Products

Another aspect to consider is the variety of items that the dispensary offers, especially in relation to your needs. Also, do they only sell cannabis flower and a few edibles? Or do they also offer a variety of alternate forms like edibles, tinctures, concentrates, hash, oils, drinks, and cartridges? 

This is important because while you may enjoy smoking only your favorite strain, chances are that you’ll want to experiment and try new products. Good dispensaries have a wide selection of strains, potencies, and products at varying price points.


Lastly but most importantly, ask yourself if the dispensaries you are checking out have a good atmosphere, and if the budtenders are friendly and helpful. Check out recent reviews if you;re unsure, or simply try out a few dispensaries yourself to determine the best one for you.

If none of the dispensaries in your immediate neighborhood have an all-around positive atmosphere, then it might be worth driving a few extra miles to a dispensary that is more comfortable, and where needs can be met more comfortably as well. 

The Importance of Online Reviews

There’s a lot you can tell about a location through its online reviews. However, it can be a double-edged sword for accuracy, since one individual may have a completely different perception of a location than the next.

For example, if a dispensary hardly has any reviews, chances are that it’s new and hasn’t had a chance to establish itself. In this case, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the location is bad. A low number of reviews may also mean that not every people are visiting, and if so, why is that? 

Instead of getting caught up in each individual review, we recommend utilizing the reviews as a way to paint a larger picture about each dispensary. Are people raving about their products and prices? Are people praising the helpfulness of the budtenders? You’ll begin picking up on a common “theme” as you read multiple reviews for each dispensary. 

Browse the Dispensary’s Website

After locating your options geographically, we recommend going to the dispensary’s website itself before your visit! This is a good time to acquaint yourself with their products, quality, and deals. 

Of course, during current times, you’ll want to see how the dispensary is handling social distancing to keep you and their employees safe. 

You might even find helpful information on the website’s FAQ page. For example, “can non-residents of Washington State purchase recreational marijuana”, or “is there an order minimum or maximum”. 

The FAQ page should always provide helpful information as to how the store operates and how you can consume the cannabis that you purchase. Dispensaries that provide clear communication and who are invested in their customers are typically the ones who want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Lastly, remember that it is always best to support dispensaries who are setting exceptional examples for the rest of the industry. Choosing a solid dispensary will not only serve your needs best, but it will also help the cannabis industry thrive! 

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