How to Make a Great CBD Infused Tea

How to make a great CBD infused tea

There is nothing like tea when it comes to comforting and relaxing a person. The is an aromatic hot beverage with a long and rich history; it can be made from a wide variety of herbs and other botanical species, including cannabis. Tea is a very enjoyable and effective way to take CBD.

Nowadays, the benefits of CBD are very well known by most people, its properties help alleviate all kinds of ailments. Therefore, cbd products uk produce are being more and more consumed every day. And CBD tea is no exception since tea itself already has some great benefits that people can take advantage of.

This is why in this article we will go over every detail to prepare the best cbd infused tea.

Tea benefits

First of all, tea is a fantastic source of antioxidants. This means that it can keep our cells healthy, and it can make us look and feel younger. CBD has also been suggested to have antioxidant properties. Therefore, by combining tea and cbd, your antioxidant intake doubles. The benefits of tea combined with the health-enhancing properties of CBD are a perfect match.

Teas can help us burn more calories due to their caffeine content. There are a wide variety of different teas that have many different properties depending on their ingredients. Lavender or chamomile teas can help us sleep better; rooibos teas can help relieve headaches and nervous anxiety.

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Certain types of tea have been suggested to help boost weight loss. For example, it is most likely that kombu green tea shakes our metabolism while acting as a laxative when consumed in large quantities.

CBD tea benefits

Drinking the CBD in tea is a great way of consuming if you are not interested in smoking or vaping. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of drinking cbd tea.

 Helps with sleeping problems

The relaxing properties of CBD are backed by science. In a clinical study published in 2019 CBD was administered to a group of 72 adults with nervous problems and/or who slept poorly. In the first month, sleep assessment improved in 48 patients (66.7%).The relaxing effect that CBD tea provides before bed can be enhanced by adding chamomile, peppermint, valerian or melatonin.

Promotes healthy skin

Cannabinoids like CBD have strong antioxidant properties. Therefore, CBD could help fight molecules that damage cell structures causing wrinkles and other early signs of aging. Green tea and black tea alone are rich in antioxidants called flavonoids (which marijuana also contains). Therefore, drinking CBD tea on a regular basis can be especially effective for a radiant, youthful skin.

*Helps fight stomach problems*

CBD could also help with nausea. The manipulation of the endocannabinoid system could be useful thanks to the indirect activation of serotonin receptors.

*Helps to relax and disconnect*

CBD has a relaxing effect, which makes CBD tea a perfect drink to loosen up at the end of a long day. In fact, the calming effect of CBD on the nerves has been the subject of extensive research, and has made this cannabinoid a possible future alternative to traditional drugs in order to treat anxiety. Nowadays, many people that suffer from this ailment, have started to use cbd oil for anxiety

Preparing CBD tea

There are several ways to prepare a CBD tea. You can find ready-made CBD tea infusions in specialized stores, or you can buy it online; but you can also prepare your own CBD tea.The one you can purchase already made come with the correspondent instructions and all the information you need about the product description. You can always mix it with your favorite tea.

When it comes to preparing any CBD food, it comes down to personal preference. However, you may want to combine ingredients that produce different benefits for your overall health. The perfect CBD tea will taste good and offer a range of health benefits.

One of the simplest methods is to put the buds or leaves of a CBD-rich variety plant in a tea infuser, just like any other herbal infusion. Keep in mind that you will need a lot more leaves than buds to get a tea with the same strength. It can also be mixed with other types of teas, such as green tea, black tea, or an herbal tea, to benefit from the best qualities of both herbs.

Soaking hemp leaves in boiling water can produce an excellent tea that is great for your body. Hemp plants are rich in antioxidants and come with their own source of CBD. This means that the tea will be 100% natural and organic. You can sweeten your drink to taste using natural sugar sources like honey.

If you don’t want to use the plant (flowers or leaves) or the ready-made CBD tea bags, you can also use tinctures or other cdb products. However, we don’t recommend cbd oil, since it won’t mix with the water, therefore it is not suitable for making infusions. Whichever product you choose, we recommend you to choose an organic one.

Cannabinoids dissolve much better in fatty sources. This is why cannabis canna butter and coconut oil are so popular. They provide a fat base that absorbs cannabinoids adequately, and they are very easy to add to a huge variety of foods and beverages. Cannabutter can be incorporated into tea to create a higher calorie drink that contains a higher amount of CBD. Simply add a teaspoon of cannabutter to the cup, add the tea bag of your choice, and brew it. Let the cannabutter dissolve completely for a few minutes, then remove the tea bag. Add milk, honey or sugar to your liking.

Another more practical and effective option is to add several drops of a high-potency CBD tincture to a tea of your preference. Just add several drops of a CBD tincture to hot water or tea. Alcohol-based cbd tinctures work best, but CBD oils also work if you stir the water often while drinking the tea.

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