Beer and Dispensaries Near Me: Top Spots in Seattle

Searching for the best “dispensary near mein Seattle? Good news — we’ve got you covered!

Seattle is famous for its beautiful geography, flourishing food scene, unique bars, and of course, its top-notch cannabis dispensaries. In fact, while other cities boast unique coffee shops around every corner, Seattle has just as many dispensaries, each with unique personalities. With so many choices, how do you know where to go?

Top 5 Local Hotspots: Find a Bar and Dispensary Near Me!


Whether you’re a tourist looking for a good time out or a local looking for your new favorite hang, our guide will help you discover the best bars and dispensaries Seattle has to offer.

Kate’s Pub

This bar has re-opened (again) for dine-in as of September 2020. Locals love the “no-nonsense” attitude of the bar, which serves all your classic American standards and has a complete food menu as well! 

If you’re in the mood for something hefty, we definitely recommend the BBQ pork sandwich with a side of onion rings. If you simply want something to snack on, an appetizer of Chips and Homemade Salsa will make you the star of the table. Patrons also enjoy coming to Kate’s Pub for its trivia and karaoke nights! 

Sea Monster Lounge 

This bar is known as Seattle’s home for live funk, soul, and jazz music, so it’s not to be missed! They even have a radio show and Livestream their music on YouTube. The lounge is 21+ only, so be sure to have your ID ready at the door. They are known for their incredibly refreshing craft cocktails. Our recommendation is to try the Grand Manhattan.

Earl’s on the Ave. 

If you’re looking for a sports bar in Seattle, we highly recommend Earl’s on the Ave. – happy hour runs from 2 to 8 pm with daily drink specials beginning at 6 pm. 

There are classics like Long Island Iced Tea and Vodka + Energy Drinks, but you can also try unique offerings such as Applesauce Shots or Seagrams 7 and 7. Earl’s on the Ave creates a big sports bar atmosphere with small-town charm. Free Wi-Fi is offered to encourage customers to stay as long as they want to watch the game or catch-up with friends. 

Changes Bar & Grill 

This neighborhood bar really helps you feel at home with TVs, local talent shows, and incredible bar food. We’d like to note that this is an inviting, LGBT-friendly pub, so everyone is welcome and invited! 

The home decor really emphasizes the local-feel of the bar. Wood paneling and aquariums add an extra touch of magic. Changes offer both “Super Happy Hour” and a regular happy hour. These specials change daily, but generally, begin around 12 noon, so if you come in the afternoon or evening, chances are that you can enjoy one of their specials!

American Mary Dispensary 

Located in the heart of the Wallingford / University district, American Mary is Seattle’s premier cannabis dispensary. If you Google “dispensary near me,” you’ll see all the positive customer reviews for American Mary — and for good reason! 

Aside from providing top-notch products with outstanding customer service, American Mary also offers daily specials such as Thirsty Thursdays (10% off cannabis drinks), Frihighday (10% off all edibles), and “Shatter” Day (10% off premium dabs). No matter what day you visit, you are guaranteed the best cannabis deals in Seattle.


Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Seattle Visit

Seattle may be laid back compared to a lot of other cities, but that doesn’t mean that the law doesn’t still apply!

Whether you’re going to a bar or a local dispensary, we encourage you to consume responsibly. If you’re visiting the state, it’s important to be familiar with local consumption laws. While purchasing recreational and medicinal marijuana is legal, it is not permitted to consume the products in public, on federal property, or in national parks. 

The Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle is considered one of the best places to live in Washington. If you’re visiting bars or dispensaries in this area, you’ll really get a feel for the local community, rather than the touristy vibe of other destinations.

The proximity to the University of Washington means that you’ll encounter a lot of younger individuals, though young professionals and young families also live in the neighborhood. This area is home to a lot of trendy restaurants and bars, so you’ll definitely want to try as many as you can before you leave town. Think of it as a foodie’s paradise!

Find the Best Cannabis Dispensary Near Me!

If you’re visiting Seattle, you’ll want to be sure to check out our local bar scene.

But it’s important to emphasize that both recreational and medicinal cannabis are legal in the state! If you’re in the district, American Mary is certainly the local favorite. Neighborhoods served to include Meridian, Fremont, Green Lake, Portage Bay, Ravenna, University District, University of Washington, and Wallingford. Remember to consume responsibly, and to enjoy your visit!

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