The Interlinks between Sex and Cannabis

Sex and Cannabis

THE INTERLINKS BETWEEN SEX AND CANNABIS While experts have positively examined linking cannabis use to things like sexual dysfunction and high-risk behavior or looseness, there is a sign to confirm that cannabis can enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction and boost desire. This explains why many potheads look for autoflowering feminized seeds and grow them at […]



Medicinal marijuana, which is primarily consumed as a tea, contains Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabidiol or CBD in a perfectly measured blend. These organic compounds function as mood alleviators and aid in physical pain or chronic illness. Moreover, blended tea is abundant in antioxidants and vitamins. So if you wake up in the morning tired, […]

Where Can I Buy Maeng Da Kratom Near Me

Kratom Near Me

Where Can I Buy Maeng Da Kratom Near Me Finding a high-quality kratom is never an easy task. With several kratom vendors available out there, choosing one that is trustworthy can be challenging. Furthermore, most people often use Google search for ‘Kratom Near Me’ but fail to find what they are looking for. If you […]

Is Lemon Sour Diesel A Good Strain To Buy?

Lemon Sour Diesel

Is Lemon Sour Diesel A Good Strain To Buy?   SUMMARY OF THE DIESEL STRAIN OF LEMON Lemon Diesel is a strain that speaks for itself. It tastes like a gas station found in the middle of a citrus grove. Despite the unusual combination, it’s super earthy and refreshing, and it has a nice body-numbing […]

Cannabis is big Business

Cannabis is big Business

It is basic to consider the average market size of the cannabis industry when calculating industry growth. The term $20 by 20″ is closely linked to the U.S. Cannabis market. A recent estimate from cannabis industry experts, the Brightfield Group, states that the cannabis industry will reach $73.6 billion by 2027. In 2020, researchers are […]

Enhanced Kratom Strains: Everything You Should Know

Kratom Strains

No doubt enhanced strain can lead to quick and intensified results. However, a user must know difference between the right dose and other types of kratom. Enhanced kratom which is also known as Mitragyna Speciosa originates from South Asian countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand. People who lived in these countries took this […]

Can nitrogen flushing benefit marijuana packaging?

marijuana packaging

Mari Marijuana vendors, who have been using nitrogen discharge for food industry packaging since the 1970s, have just started using nitrogen discharge. Nitrogen discharge can be expensive and time-consuming. The question is whether the advantages of nitrogen flushing for cannabis packaging outweigh the costs and disadvantages. How does nitrogen discharge work? Standard vacuum packing removes […]

How to Transact With and Promote Cannabis Businesses.

Promote Cannabis Businesses.

It’s hard to navigate the world of cannabis on social media as a business in the cannabis industry. Shadowbanning, blocking, and banning of accounts is a familiar action experienced by many cannabis business owners over the past few years. Federal laws in the US are also making it difficult to allow for businesses in the […]

How to Buy Best Hemp Flowers?

Best Hemp Flowers

Best Hemp Flowers With enormous therapeutic benefits emerging rapidly, it seems like HEMP is going to be the cure-all for almost everything. There are various products linked with CBD, hemp flower may interest you more. It is the dried bud of the hemp plant with the highest population of trichomes. It appears to be like […]

Increase your profits with the pioneering legal cannabis cultivation platform JuicyFields

JuicyFields is proud to connect marijuana buyers, sellers, producers, activists, and enthusiasts from around the world on one of Crowdgrowing's first legal platforms

JuicyFields is proud to connect marijuana buyers, sellers, producers, activists, and enthusiasts from around the world on one of Crowdgrowing’s first legal platforms. JuicyFields, a Berlin-based marijuana producer, announced the launch of its Crowdgrowing legal platform for cannabis cooperation. JuicyFields is a pioneer of its kind, with authorized partners in several countries, and offers users […]

Canada wants the legal marijuana business in Mexico

marijuana business

The impending full legalization of the marijuana business in the country opens the way for a multi-billion dollar business and a race to see who will keep the profits. Four months ago, in the Senate of a country where the war on drug trafficking has left more than 250,000 dead in just over a decade, […]

Women and cannabis

Women and cannabis

Women and cannabis It cannot be denied that there is a stigma around women and cannabis. That issue is changing, and today more than ever, an increasing number of women are comfortable with using marijuana and are accepting its health and wellness benefits, making their mark in the legal cannabis industry as users.   Women’s […]