How to Transact With and Promote Cannabis Businesses.

It’s hard to navigate the world of cannabis on social media as a business in the cannabis industry. Shadowbanning, blocking, and banning of accounts is a familiar action experienced by many cannabis business owners over the past few years.

Federal laws in the US are also making it difficult to allow for businesses in the cannabis niche to transact financially even though state laws regulate cannabis. In this article, we discuss ways cannabis companies can navigate these murky waters and find solutions to advertising on popular social platforms like Facebook or Instagram and also processing credit card transactions.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is the big bad brother when it comes to cannabis advertising, blocking and outright banning pages and profiles. Cannabis companies have taken the likes of Facebook to courts for years and with not much success. Until the US federal cannabis laws are relaxed further companies like these will battle to turn the page and transact with legitimate cannabis companies.

Facebook has over allowed cannabis industry players to advertise in niche sectors like education and activism. Business owners can also look at the fairly new profession of social media influencers who can push the engagement of your brand to their target audiences.

Social Media Influencing

I am a social media influencer and rated 8 out of 1400 plus cannabis influencers with regard to social reach and engagement. I develop and promote cannabis brands online using established cannabis websites and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. We have a strong following of cannabis activists, industry players, and business owners that we target our promotions. Whether its banner adverts, business directory listings, or social media marketing I can help you get your cannabis business onto the right track. With over 400 5 star reviews on Fiverr, hundreds of clients over the years, and the servicing of regular clients like Tommy Chong, Dank City, Soft Secrets, Reeferman, and Vaporizerhut. can help your business grow on the world-wide-web.

Processing Payments allows consumers to buy cannabis products at marijuana dispensaries in the USA and Canada. Using the GreenDreams closed-loop payment network customers have peace of mind knowing their transactions will be secure.

Dispensaries can offer special discounts, store sales, and announce exciting new product releases on the Green Dreams websites. Consumers can also follow their dispensaries through the website, load up credit, and get smoking almost immediately.


There is always a way to make things happen. You could choose the many crypto-currencies available or still use cash. So consider social media influencers like to run your online promotion and look at green to run your credit card sales and direct consumer marketing. You just need to sit back and watch your targeted traffic and engagement increase and listen to the sound of your till go cha-ching.


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