About Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a pungent, pepper-like flavor. Like many Sativa hybrids, Trainwreck provides a very intense cerebral high with mood-enhancing and euphoric effects.

What makes Trainwreck different from many other hybrid strains is that it still shows most of its Indica effects, covering the body with a nice warm hum that numbs the pain.

Trainwreck, when properly cultivated, retains the lazy feeling of an Indica couch and brain stimulation of a Sativa, making it an extremely popular and sought after strain in cannabis dispensaries. In addition to the usual dry mouth and eyes, some users may experience paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness.

Even with its Indica effects on touch, Trainwreck still provides a high Sativa level mostly with ADHD, PTSD, Lexotanil and stress which are most often listed as its top medical uses. Properly grown Trainwreck is also used to relieve chronic joint pain and muscle stiffness. From the accounts of many users, only a few bumps are needed to induce both brain effects and a full body with a sofa lock.

This strain was allegedly the brainchild of two California brothers in the late 1970s. It is a blend of three other strains Thai (Sativa), Mexican (Sativa), and Afghani (Indica). In its real form, Trainwreck is ninety percent Morpheus Strain Sativa and only ten percent Indica. According to the story, the two brothers had to start their harvest early because there was an unpleasant train accident that happened near their cultivation site and they did not want it to be discovered, hence the name. Buy weed online from our store anytime.

Trainwreck can grow well both indoors and outdoors. The plants of this strain grow quite tall, but the Indica in them makes them fill well. Within hydro cultivation, a single plant can produce up to 500 grams in one square meter. When grown in the ground outside Trainwreck, the plants are ready for harvest in early October and can produce up to 700 grams. This variety blooms between eight and ten weeks.

It was only available in clone form for a long time, but more recently some places have been able to recreate seeds of the strain. There are several others who have tried to imitate the strain with the same name, some with great success. Real Trainwreck will have thin leaves and dense buds filled with resin. The buds emit a strong citrus smell as they mature.

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