Sweet Skunk Shatter


Similar to: Betty White, Green Crack, King’s Dream
Flavors: Sweet, Skunk, Tropical
Effects: Energetic, Euphoric, Creative, Uplifted, Happy
Medical: Depression, Fatigue, Stress, Pain, Headaches
Potency: 70-90% THC Content


Sweet Skunk Shatter is made utilizing high-quality Sweet Skunk cannabis grown in Canada.

Sweet Skunk is linked to the infamous Skunk #1 strain and also offers many of the same flavors and aromas as its parent.

Sweet Skunk provides an energetic but creative head high and an overall relaxing body buzz making it a great daytime strain for those that suffer from pain or depression. Buy CBD cigarettes – regular

Sweet Skunk Shatter can be enjoyed by itself in a dab rig or concentrate pen or it can be consumed within a joint or bowl mixed with your favorite dry ganja.

First created by Federation Seeds, this hybrid is not to be confused with Sweet Skunk from Spice of Life. This strain is heavily influenced by Skunk # 1, as well as a 1970s California Skunk named Sweet Skunk. A Vietnam veteran brought Sweet Skunk to Federation Seeds, where he was bred to an unknown Sativa. Smelling and tasting like sweet citrus with a little skunk, Island Sweet Skunk is a strain that starts with a light-hearted and lively tone, followed quickly by a soft body buzz. Buy CBD flower online

This hybrid can have up to 19% THC and can be an effective daytime medication for mild pain, arthritis, nausea, and loss of appetite. Island Sweet Skunk can promote good humor and can be used to treat depression, anxiety and stress. Users often feel focused and creative. It can also help with migraines, fatigue, and nerve pain.

Sweet Skunk is easier to grow than many other Sativa strains. It grows well on the green setup screen. It may work well indoors, but due to its height and the space it requires, the strain may work best outdoors or in a greenhouse. During the eight to nine-week flowering period, plants will need support. Producers can reap yields of more than 200 grams. Outdoors, this variety generally ends in mid-October. Buy CBD prerolls online

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