Strawberry Shortcake Dank Vapes

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Strawberry Shortcake Dank Vapes

strawberry-shortcake Dank Vapes To begin with, Buy strawberry shortcake Exotic Carts’s Strawberry Shortcake cartridge is a heavy Indica that really stands out with its fruity. Earthy flavour, with sweet notes of cream. Although a bit heavy, this is still a great strain for beginners that will leave you to relaxed and happy. As if floating above strawberry fields. Its hybrid tendencies are evenly balanced, also delivering an uplifting effect that will stimulate your creative dank vapes from our dank vapes online store and dank vape cartridges. You can alternatively buy weed online, wholesale hemp flowers or cancer drugs online, stiiizy, Cannabis Article Writing, juul pods, juul pods vapes, brass knuckles and kingpen vapes online. By combining ChronicWhite Widow, and Cheese, Heavyweight Seeds has created a delicious 70% indica-dominant hybrid deserving of the name Strawberry Cheesecake. The intensely sweet, creamy berry flavors of this strain linger on the palate while pain melts away and the mind soars with creative energy. Featuring THC levels over 20% and CBDlevels of 2% or more, Strawberry Cheesecake can be beneficial in managing chronic pain as well as treating symptoms of depression and chronic fatigue.  this is a great strain that comes on smooth & quick. The buzz is euphoric, light & high. you feel no stress, and if you have back pain then it would’nt bother you.

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