Rogue Thunder


Rogue Thunder is an indica/sativa blend with buds coated with delicate crystals and orange hairs. Perfect for appetite and pain relief, the effects will range from a complete body buzz to a euphoric high while still maintaining coherency.


When the breeders at Crop King Seeds set out to create the hybrid strain ‘Rogue Thunder’ their goal was to use Alaskan Thunderfuck as the mother and create a child that would be easier to grow than the parents. Alaskan Thunderfuck is a heavy Indica strain bred in the Matanuska Valley of Alaska. This particular strain was chosen by Crop King for its vigorous growth and hardiness. The breeders crossed the mother plant with a Super Silver Haze, most likely from Mr. Nice’s Seedbank.

Despite being exactly half and half, Indica and Sativa, the strain provides effects more typical of an Indica strain. Most users will experience a full-body high that can jump-start appetites, alleviate pain and calm nausea. The soothing bodily effects may also elevate moods, allowing users to truly relax.

Carrying a range of THC between 12 and 15 percent, and a CBN count higher than one percent, this hemp strain grows easily indoors and out. Rogue Thunder takes about eight weeks to fully mature, which is a shorter flowering period than either of its parents. Yields may reportedly reach up to 250 grams per plant outdoors but it does better inside with harvests of up to 400 grams per square meter.

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