Rice Krispy Treats


Our Rice Krispy Squares taste just like your mom used to make. One square is one dose which equals one gram. They do not have any nuts in them.


Our Rice Krispy  Treats Squares taste just like your mom used to make. One square is one dose which equals one gram. They do not have any nuts in them and are made of marshmallows and cannabutter. Always wait for about 2 hours for them to take effect. If this is your first time-consuming THC Rice Krispy Squares only eat 1/2 a square. Buy original alpha pharma letromina



Ingredients Rice Krispy Treats: Rice Krispies, Marshmallow, Butterscotch, Sugar

Dosage of Rice Krispy Treats Should only be a full piece and 1/2 a piece if it is your first time. Each edible contains minimum of 1 grams. Wait 2 hours between doses. Best to consume at home or comfortable environment

Measurement Price
10pcs/10grams $80.00
15pcs/15grams $115.00
20pcs/20grams $150.00
30pcs/30grams $210.00



Why are my krispie rice delights getting tough?
A: There could be many factors. Starting with marshmallows or stale cereal. Keep the heat low while adding marshmallows. And finally, DO NOT press too firmly when adding the treats to the pan.
Does Rice Krispie treats need to be refrigerated?
A: absolutely NOT. Actually, it could also make them difficult (see previous question). Keep them covered at room temperature for best results.
Can I use another cereal to make krispie rice treats?
So! Cocoa Krispies and Fruity Pebbles are great options. You can also use Cheerios, Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Buy weed online from our shop. Buy medicine online

Can you freeze Rice Krispy Treats?

Obviously no. While some people will tell you that they have been successful with this … I am a purist when it comes to crispy rice.

I want it to taste amazing. And freezing it will result in a stale, less than stellar dessert.

Plus, these are super easy to make, so why not just make them fresh?

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