Early Miss


An auto-flowering indica-dominant hybrid, Early Miss is a great strain for those looking for pain relief or an appetite boost. Crop King Seeds took the heavy producer Big Bud and paired it with the hard-hitting White Widowto make a moderate yielding plant with high levels of THC, and then crossed it with an auto-flowering ruderalis variety. Flowering in 50 days, this hybrid is a quick and easy grow that will not leave you disappointed.


About Early Miss

Although it sounds like a rare flower that only blooms in the morning, Early Miss is actually a cannabis strain that is bred for early automatic flowering. Early Miss is the brainchild of Crop King Seeds and is a cross between two great hitters: notoriously resinous White Widow and high-performance Big Bud. The result offers a complex flavor profile along with a deeply relaxing high. Its THC content varies from 15% to 21%.

Early Miss’ flowers range in size from small to medium and adhere in conical and sword-like formations. The buds have a dense and compact structure, generally associated with other dominant Indica varieties. The small leaves, which curl tightly inward toward their central stems, are dark green and mossy and covered with yellow and orange curly hairs, which are actually pistils. Finally, the White Widow parent strain transmits its propensity for high trichome production, covering these flowers with resinous secretions.

The first puff of Early Miss’ flowers hits the palate with its strong spicy characters. Closer inspection reveals some herbal, eucalyptus-like accents to complement these spicy notes. Grinding, meanwhile, releases the astringent smell of ammonia and is somewhat reminiscent of pencil shavings. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these strong flavors can burn with harsh smoke when burned. As you breathe out, this smoke has a slight herb flavor with a lingering chemical aftertaste.

The early failure hits the user quickly, putting some pressure around the eyes and face as it dilates the blood vessels. This sensation may be accompanied by a slight flush on the cheeks or increased salivation. After a while, the physical oddities of the strain are supplanted by some cognitive changes; Consumers may find that their thoughts move faster or take on a new intensity. Furthermore, some fans of the strain also report early sensory effects like visual and auditory distortions and an unexplained feeling that time passes more slowly. Trippy properties like these can be further boosted by adding atmospheric enhancements to a special playlist or visually appealing movie. Early Miss’s buzz of mind can also foster fluid conversation and camaraderie, even when shared with new acquaintances.

After about an hour of these acute mental effects, the physical properties of the strain become increasingly apparent. As the sedation waves spread through the core and extremities, users can feel relief from deep muscle tension and can breathe deeper and easier. While Early Miss’s initial feelings of brain clarity still persist at this point, users may lose some of their previous motivation and energy. As such, in its later stages, tension is best suited to enjoying passive activities like playing board games or binge-watching. In an appropriately relaxed setting and environment, or at a high enough dose, Early Miss can even numb susceptible smokers with deep, restful sleep. Due to its two-stage maximum, EArly Miss is recommended for consumption in the late afternoon or evening, when it can be fully appreciated.

A versatile bud, Early Miss has a range of applications for medicinal cannabis patients. It can help people with attention deficit disorder stay focused on individual tasks, while its bright euphoria can temporarily ease symptoms of stress and depression. The strain can also eliminate physical pain, either chronic and related to the disease or due to minor inflammation. As noted, Early Miss can even work against insomnia, providing much-needed sleep. Although its brain effects are not as strong as some of the more dominant sativa strains, patients prone to panic or paranoia should consume this outbreak with some caution.

Early Miss seeds are available for purchase at Crop King. A good crop for newcomers to the crop, Wonder Bar Mushroom Chocolate can thrive indoors or outdoors, although growing outdoors requires a warm, humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The short, bushy plants of the strain tend to flower 7 to 8 weeks when grown indoors.

Thanks to its dynamic effects, Early Miss is a great choice for indica and sativa lovers. It can be fun whether you’re alone or sharing with friends

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