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Dank Vapes – Candy Land

For starters, Dank Vapes – Candy Land: Appearance: Delicious and vibrant, Candyland produces fleshy flowers that have an underlying green color of the Army. Nailed with a THC-lace trichome powder. These potent buds seem good enough to eat but they are better when smoked.
Secondly, Candyland’s cocoon has peachy pistils protruding from the inside of the flower. Tapered and ready for action, Candyland’s pointed calyxes flash an incredible variety of purple tones, particularly when they break.
Coherence: as its name suggests, Candyland’s cocoon is extraordinarily dense and more than a little sticky. Unlike many dominant Sativa hybrids, Candyland’s texture and density lean more toward its cookie lineage. While anyone is carrying their “daily driver” with Dank Vapes, Candy Land’s nugs can likely survive without a grinder. Those who roll an articulation will find that kind of utensil an absolute necessity.

Aroma: a form of aromatherapy, the terpene profile of Candyland is hard to resist after the first smell. Offering a forward fruit scent, many struggles to keep your nose out of your storage jar. It smells so good. Pleasantly earthy with notes of fruit, vanilla, and honey. No wonder Candyland has quickly gained a reputation as a favorite of the Bay Area.

Flavor: To add, Candyland’s first rip has the feeling of a tropical lace with pepper. Instruct according to your dominant terpene profile: terpinolene, humulene, and caryophyllene. Flavors of hops of pine and pepper fill the mouth and immediately clean the palate. Semi-sweet with earthy nuances, the inhalation smells of pepper and grapes. Consequently, the expiration is accentuated by a taste of chopped pine.
Effect: Candyland hits you immediately on the head and can be felt behind the eyes and temples. Instantly soothing, the creative buzzing of the head releases the overloaded mind with a feeling of increasing euphoria. At the brain level, after only one or two tokes, the indicia effects creep in as the smoke session continues.

Antecedents of the strain: bred and cultivated for the first time in the Bay Area by Ken Estes, the owner of Grand Daddy Purp, Dank Vapes – Candy Land is often imitated. According to online sources, Dank Vapes – Candy Land was created using a female “GDP Bay Platinum Cookies and test male GDP.” Easy to locate north of Santa Cruz, this variety becomes harder to find once south of Monterey County.

Medical uses: From a medical point of view, Dank Vapes – Candy Land provides soothing relief for daily aches and pains. A sweet medicine for those who suffer from anxiety and depression, the strain is also known to stimulate the appetite of repression.Shop dank vapes online today!

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