What benefits does vaping bring us and why should we vape

Does vaping really have benefits? Of course, yes. There are many people who have managed to quit smoking conventional tobacco, to later use their vaper for specific occasions, without any type of addiction or dependency.

Therefore, and based on our experience, and what people who have spent years buying all liquids and accessories for their vapers convey to us, we must side with those who claim that vaping has had a positive impact on them and that they have noticed its benefits.

Any addiction uncontrolled by anyone is still something that does not benefit anyone, and there will always be someone who defends, and who attacks any element that does not help to abandon said addiction.

However, what everyone does agree on is that the vaper is an effective method to stop smoking conventional tobacco and that it does harm our health in the long term. Buy Dank Vapes online.

As you already know by now, the vapour (or vape) has arrived to position itself as one of the best alternatives to traditional tobacco. A different and less harmful way of consuming nicotine, or not doing it at all, since there are liquids to vape without nicotine, with incredible flavours. Therefore, today we want to talk to you in a fun and educational way about the benefits of vaping, while still understanding and respecting its detractors.

The benefits of vaping without nicotine

It is clear that the main benefit obtained by those of us who vape liquids without nicotine (0’0% nicotine), is that we have the possibility of enjoying intense flavours and very smooth vaping, but without using a product that, whether we want to or not to recognize, we creates a certain addiction, such as nicotine.

Today we are the ones who decide whether or not we want to introduce nicotine in our daily life, in our leisure time, etc … without sacrificing the flavour of the aromas that we like the most.

But you should know that the nicotine-free vaping fluids that we put at your fingertips will provide you with a unique and special experience.

There are many fans (and also friends and customers) who tell us about their experience, and who increasingly value the quality of the nicotine-free liquids that the manufacturer’s design for us, either because the flavours are very successful, or because they allow the vegetable glycerin is not diminished by the nicotine, obtaining more intense smoke clouds.


What is vaping?

It’s funny, but “vaping” was the word of the year by the Oxford dictionary in 2014. It comes from the English term “vaping”, which is actually the action of inhaling the steam produced by a vaper, or as it was formerly known, an electronic cigarette (with its differences, obviously)

We are sure that this does not surprise you, but the use of vaper (or vaping) has been, and continues to be considered, one of the best alternatives for people who have proposed to quit smoking, but do not want to carry it out in a radical way. , but gradually.

Vaping allows smokers to adjust the amount of nicotine they want their vaper to contain, and even discard it entirely, still maintain “a false feeling of smoking”, due to the similarity they receive while vaping, and of course, a very high reduction in damage. passive smokers, not to mention considerable financial savings.


What is the difference between an electronic cigarette and a vaporizer

They are very similar products in terms of the objective they pursue: “Quit smoking conventional tobacco.”

However, it is true that there are great differences between an electronic cigarette and a vaper. And if we go back a few years, even more:

Its ease of use

An electronic cigarette is the simplest option in terms of the difficulties that a beginner user may encounter when starting to enter this world of vaping. But it is not the option that Zulo Shishas recommends.

It is true that the use of a vaper can be somewhat more complex, because there are vaper models with tremendous possibilities, where we can control the watts of power, configure different vaping modes, and thus customize our vaping sessions to the maximum, the duration of the batteries, etc…

Its price

Although a priori, the electronic cigarette is the cheapest option, the manufacturers of vapers have optimized the productivity of their processes to the maximum, and today, we find real wonders of vapers for more than affordable prices. The vape price are not so high.

Of course, for the most demanding, you can find much more powerful models, with higher prices. Always to the taste of the consumer, and the possibilities of each person.

Its size

If you want something discreet, the electronic cigarette may be what you are looking for. Although there are vapers that perfectly imitate some electronic cigarettes.

Of course, our recommendation is that you do not sacrifice quality for discretion.

Its durability

For us, one of the most important aspects to choose a vaper over an electronic cigarette: its durability.

The materials with which the vapers are designed and their manufacturing process makes them a much more durable product than electronic cigarettes.

Its battery life

And finally, another of the strengths of the newest vapers that you will find in our store: The lifetime of their batteries.

Obviously, as with mobile phones, the life of the battery will depend on the exact model of vaper you want to buy since you will find them with more or less power, and therefore, more or less duration.

Also, the good use that you give to your new vaper will help you to extend its life.

So what benefits does the vaporizer have?

It should have been clear by now that a vaper offers us multiple advantages over the electronic cigarette. But the benefits that the vaporizer really brings us are related to the ease of quitting smoking, as well as positive aspects in terms of aroma, variety of flavors, places where we can use our vaper today, etc…

Therefore, vaping is a way to enjoy the sensation of inhaling smoke, without having to resort to the chemicals that traditional tobacco contains. And the best thing, that we do not lose any drop of aroma if we want to vape using 0% nicotine liquids.

Vaper is healthier than conventional tobacco

From our point of view, the most important benefit of vaping is that, if you want to continue having the sensation of smoking (in this case, inhale or vape), at least vaping is a healthier and healthier habit than smoking normal cigarettes

In fact, you should be aware that by using a vaper, we remove carbon monoxide and tar from tobacco smoke. What’s more, if you wish, you can also eliminate nicotine, thanks to the 0% nicotine liquids that we have in our store, with a variety that you can’t imagine!

We will save money in the medium and long term

Do you think it is little vaping, and also spend much less than you spent when you smoked traditional tobacco?

The vaporizers that exist in the market are very effective, as long as you do not go to buy it at any bazaar in which they are not specialized at all.

According to some reports, vaporizers are up to 40% more effective than smoking. Therefore, we will save up to 40% on herbs or tobacco (even if you use bulk rolling ones). In this way, we will have amortized the investment in our new vaper in the medium term. From there, all are economic benefits.

Out ashtrays and smelly clothes!

Unlike the smell and type of smoke that combustion produces, and which lasts in the environment, impregnating our skin, our clothes, curtains or our hair, among others, due to the tar that conventional tobacco contains, the smoke that we exhale with our vaper it disperses after a few seconds, and only, people who are very close to us will be able to notice it, without disturbing them.

The great benefit of the vaporizer is that we will no longer smell of tobacco, and our home or our clothes will never “reek” of smoke again. In addition, the smoke from the vaper usually disappears very soon, and without spreading. Finally, you should know that, as long as we do not inhale, the vaper does not produce smoke as long as we do not use it.

Oh, and say goodbye to the ashtrays!


We will control the desired dosage of our aromas

It is another benefit that we users of vapers get: Being able to control and mix, the flavors and aromas that we like the most, dosing the proportions of each of them.

Over time, you will get to know new scents, you will control the amounts you want of each one of them, as well as the amount of nicotine that you will have to implement, in the event that you want to include more or less nicotine.

The vaper helps us to be discreet

Maybe you don’t mind. Neither do we. But it is true that we have really discreet vapers, and that will go unnoticed in your pocket, or in your bag or purse.

The smell does not spread, does not stain, and does not last in the environment.

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